Alberto Morillas

Alberto truly understands the power of 'imperfection'... and how it can sometimes surpass an impeccably executed or 'finished' work. His remarkable artistic talent lies in this capacity to reveal the genuine nature of beauty in his creations.
Sacré Nobi, S-PERFUME®

perfumeBorn in 1950 in Sevilla, of Andalousian heritage, Alberto Morillas' "hidalgo" class penetrates you with his sharp and gentle blue eyes.

After 2 years at the school of Beaux Arts of Geneva, he joined Firmenich in 1970 as a young perfumer. Mostly self-trained, Alberto developed his own style from the very beginning. In his mind, he pictures scents as colors and forms he can manipulate freely. His creations are spontaneous and numerous and do not follow any set of given rules. Alberto has no limits either in the generous ways he uses raw materials or in the amount of time he devotes to his passion. His strong signature is always recognized by the fragrance amateur.

When he is not creating scents, he spends his time contemplating in the family garden or indulging in luxurious pleasures. Alberto also has his own high-end candle series Mizensir. All of his candles have awesome and uncompromising scents he created (of course) and are available at Colette in Paris.

Art Scents created by Alberto Morillas
· KURI NO HANA 172059 D (2002)
· ENCENS SHINTO 172035 (2000)
· ROSE D'ARABIE 172.031 (1999)
· FLEUR DE SEL 172.029 (1999)
· BOIS DE PATCHOULY 172.019 (1999)
· SPERIDA (1998)

Bulgari Omnia niche perfume Cartier Le Baiser Du Dragon niche perfume Bulgari White Tea niche perfume Giorgio Armani Sensi niche perfume Yves Saint Laurent M7 niche perfume Carolina Herrera Chic niche perfume Cologne Thierry Mugler niche perfume Flower by Kenzo niche perfume Bvlgari BLV niche perfume S-Perfume by Shaping Room niche perfume Givenchy Pi niche perfume Truth Calvin Klein niche perfume Carolina Herrera 212 niche perfume Calvin Klein cK One niche perfume

Fragrances created by Alberto Morillas
· Bulgari Omnia
· Cartier Le Baiser Du Dragon
· Bulgari White Tea
· Giorgio Armani Sensi
· Yves Saint Laurent M7 (with Jacques Cavallier)
· Carolina Herrera Chic (with Jacques Cavallier)
· Cologne Thierry Mugler
· Flower by Kenzo
· Bvlgari BLV / both for women and men
· S-Perfume Jet-Scent 1.0.5 (Oxymusc)
· Givenchy Pi
· Truth Calvin Klein (with Jacques Cavallier and Thierry Wasser)
· Carolina Herrera 212 / both for women and men
· Calvin Klein cK One (with Harry Fremont)
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