The Noses

International Flavors & Fragrances
Carlos Benaim
7 (Pride)

Loc Dong
7 (Gluttony)

Sophia Grojsman
100% Love (Installation), 7 (Wrath)

Bruno Jovanovic
7 (Sloth)

Christophe Laudamiel
7 (Avarice)

Olivier Polge
7 (Envy)

Dominique Ropion
7 (Lust)
Jean-Pierre Bethouart
Sugar Mountain

Annie Buzantian
A • UN, /7S/

Jacques Cavallier

Ilias Ermenidis

Harry Fremont

Annick Menardo
A • UN, /7S/

Alberto Morillas
A • UN, /7S/

Thierry Wasser
Ryoanji Pieta, A • UN, Fear,
/7S/, In the Glaoming

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