Thierry Wasser

The Le Corbusier of perfumery - Thierry is about experimentation which makes his creations sometimes too challenging for major clients. If compared to cars, his "yet to be discovered" amazing scents are not designed for Toyota, but for Bugatti.
Sacré Nobi, S-PERFUME®

Thierry Wasser was born in Lausanne, Switzerland, on the Lake of Geneva. Being fascinated with plants and nature as a young boy, he dried herbs in his attic and made numerous preparations including syrups, alcohol infusions and teas. From ages sixteen to twenty, Thierry Wasser seriously pursued his passion, and obtained his Federal Diploma of Botany. He attended the Givaudan Perfumery School in Geneva and became a Junior Perfumer at twenty four. Two years later, Thierry Wasser was promoted to Perfumer and was sent to Givaudan in Paris, where he worked for an additional six years in fine fragrances.

In 1994, Thierry Wasser moved to New York City and joined Firmenich International Fine Fragrance Center as a fine fragrance Perfumer. He has created fragrances in partnership with Lancôme, Dior, Calvin Klein Cosmetics, Liz Claiborne, Mary Kay, Avon, Bath & Body Works and the GAP.

Thierry Wasser currently lives and works in Paris.

Art Scents created by Thierry Wasser
• TWILO THW-1299/C (2003)
• SELF-PORTRAIT THW-1258 (2003)
• SLOTH 440241 (2003)
• SWEET DREAMS THW-1153 (2002)
• FEARWALL THW-1157/B (2001)
• FEARWALL THW-1157/A (2001)
• SUGAR MOUNTAIN 475.114 (1999)

Thierry Wasser's Bests
• Addict Eau Fraîche
• Mod for L'Instant de Guerlain
• Mod for John Galliano
• Dior Addict

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