Loc Dong

"The nouvelle vague of contemporary perfumery"

Loc DongLoc Dong joined IFF as a Perfumer in 2002 in the New York Office.  He brought with him ten years of experience in the field, having trained with and worked for Haarmann & Reimer and Creations Aromatiques in Grasse, New York, Paris, and Germany. 

Born in Saigon, Loc's earliest fragrance memories involve following around his grandfather—herbalist—and smelling the many fragrant plants he used in his practice.  Loc left war-torn Vietnam when only eleven years old, coming to the U.S. alone by way of a Malaysian refugee camp.  Years later, while studying for a career in medicine, a summer job at a fragrance laboratory changed his career path.  He began his training in perfumery and never regretted his decision. 

Loc finds inspiration for his perfume creations everywhere. His life in Asia, Europe, and the U.S. gives him many rich, cultural references from which to draw. His background makes him think differently about raw materials that comprise a perfumer's palette—he loves certain materials that are not particularly common—and he enjoys the challenge of making others think differently about them, too. New fragrance ideas usually occur to him spontaneously, which allow him to explore many different olfactive theme. His unusual perspective on perfume has served him well. His list of wins including those created in collaboration with other perfumers, are:

• Euphoria for Woman — Calvin Klein 
• Provocative — Elizabeth Arden 
• Curve Soul for Women — Liz Claiborne 
• Curve Soul for Men — Liz Claiborne 
• Paris Hilton for Men — Parlux 
• Island Michael Kors — Estee Lauder 
• Provocative Interlude — Elizabeth Arden 

Prior to IFF:
• Marc Jacobs — Marc Jacobs 
• Portfolio — Perry Ellis 
• Nautica Competition — Nautica 
• Kors — Michael Kors 

(Information obtained from IFF Corporate Communications/ Photo by Hajime Watanabe)

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